Welcome to the official National Mortgage Help Center Website. NMHC assists troubled homeowners everyday through our national network of foreclosure prevention specialists. Get the professional help you need to keep your home and have peace of mind.

The Banks have taken advantage of you and your family for long enough! Our national network of attorneys will work hard on your behalf and negotiate directly with your Bank to lower your monthly payments with the U.S. Loan Modification Plan.

See if you qualify for the U.S. Loan Modification Plan, fill out the no obligation Quick Quote form below now:

What next? Your information will be sent to a law firm specializing in foreclosure prevention for a free consultation over the phone. They may call you back during their business hours, so please be ready to answer your phone.

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National Mortgage Help Center
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The National Mortgage Help Center (NMHC) educates the general public and refers your contact information, at no cost to you, to evaluate qualifications for a mortgage payment reduction. NMHC is not a non-profit organization and not affiliated or approved with any government program. By applying with NMHC does not guarantee a reduced monthly mortgage payment, and the lender may not approve to change your loan. This Website is not one of several lead-generation Websites that all generate quotes for the same provider.